Qualite Sports Lighting, LLC is excited to announce they have been awarded a BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative contract for sports lighting, installation, and the associated electrical components.

Eric Boorom, Qualite’s owner, states, “Being awarded a cooperative contract is a win-win for all parties involved. The bid process is faster, easier and allows Qualite to control the overall turnkey costs, while providing our customer with a five-star experience and sports lighting product at the best value.”

Designed to capture the best of fast paced sports on both video and digital photography, the Q-LED GameChanger lighting system has a revolutionary design that will change the way that schools across the country will play and watch their sports teams. In addition to the unique design, schools gain the advantages of a reliable lighting source for fields with an industry-leading warranty and features such as integrated wireless controls. Cooperative members can now take advantage of the same lighting systems that professional sports venues use at a discounted rate and expedited installation turnaround.

The contract went into effect October 1, 2016. For more information about Qualite Sports Lighting, LLC. or any of their products contact Ashley Huscio at ashley@qualite.com or 1.800.933.9741.