Qualite's Q-LED GameChanger™ System has been receiving a lot of attention by contractors. The revolutionary modular design is reducing the time and cost of labor associated with installing a new or retrofitted sports lighting system by as much as 60%.

Craig Custer, Vice President of Custer Electric, has spent the past 20 years of his career installing sports lighting and states that, "By far the GameChanger is the easiest installation of any system I have ever worked with, and I have installed over 17,000 metal halide fixtures". Craig reports that on the last GameChanger installation he was able to save over 40% on labor costs and attributes this to a, "Well thought out design, where I literally have nothing to do. All I used was four tools to screw in four bolts to connect the stanchion to the pole. It came pre-assembled, pre-aimed and I didn’t have to deal with all of the cardboard and waste associated with packing materials".

Qualite’s goal was not to design a better light but to design a system that would revolutionize the sports lighting world for players, fans, coaches, broadcasters and contractors. Nick Page, Qualite President, recounts that, "When we started with a blank sheet of paper designing the GameChanger one of our many primary focuses was to have the installation be quick and easy. This was in an effort to bring down the cost of the lighting system for our customers and contractors."

Eric Boorom, Qualite’s Owner, added, "We truly have revolutionized all aspects of LED large area lighting from installation to the quality of light to the design appearance. Our team spent countless hours designing the Q-LED GameChanger™ to be the highest quality product in the marketplace at the best value to the customer, while focusing on the ease of installation for new and retrofit jobs."

Qualite’s Q-LED GameChanger™ features proprietary optics with built-in glare control yielding beam shapes engineered for sports lighting, low power consumption, high energy efficiency, fully integrated wiring (no exposed wiring), and “sunlight” color temperature. The revolutionary design has landed Qualitean impressive Edison Awards nomination and an exclusive partnership with the World’s Largest Turf Complex, Gateway Village Sports Complex.